Automatically Dealing With Repetitive Tasks

When Will Davies started Car Next Door, he knew he needed to systemize and automate right from the beginning.

Car Next Door is a peer to peer car sharing network that brings together people who own a car but do not use it all the time with people who need a car for a short time.

While Car Next Door have a co-working office space, the majority of their client interactions happen through their website or over the phone.

So they needed a platform that could

  • Onboard new users, both borrowers and lenders
  • Followup with users automatically
  • Followup with borrowers who have over due payments
  • Do all the repetitive tasks on a daily and weekly basis
  • Automatically contact users who have not used the service in a defined time frame

Will says that without an automation platform like Ontraport, he would need another 2 or 3 staff members just to figure out what is going on.

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