Sell More With Email By Optimizing
Your Email Marketing

with The No-Fluff KissAutomation Email Health Check.

You just know your email marketing could be performing better but don't know exactly what to or where to start.


This is for you when:

  • You have an email database but you don't ever send any email
  • You send the occasional email newsletter (when you remember to write it)
  • You have a couple of emails you send to customers but sales are poor

Or you just don't know where to start "fixing" it.


The KissAutomation Email Health Check gives you an actionable report that will evaluate your email marketing, sales funnels and marketing automation and show you:

  • where you can get some quick wins
  • how you can improve your relationship with your email list
  • where you may be able to implement email automation series
  • any places in your funnel there may be errors
  • what your email newsletters look like on various devices and how to make them look good
  • how easy (or not!) your sales process is to use
  • where you can increase email signups across your website

How The Health Check works:

  1. After you place your order you will be sent an online questionnaire to complete. This introduces your business, your website and your current email marketing setup.

    Information that is needed to thoroughly check your email marketing includes:
    - logins to your email marketing platform (this can be done through LastPass or other if required)
    - links to pages on your site that are involved with your email marketing
    - coupon codes to complete any transactions needed to evaluate your sales process emails

  2. We (Casey and yourself) will get on Skype for a pre-health check call (20 minutes).
  3. Casey will thoroughly audit your current email marketing setup, your optin forms and related material and compile a report.
  4. Upon completion of your report we will once again get on Skype and go through your report together.