Sell More With Email By Optimizing Your Email Marketing & Sales Funnels

with The No-Fluff KissAutomation Audit.

The KissAutomation Audit gives you an actionable report that will evaluate your email marketing, sales funnels and marketing automation and show you exactly:

 where you can get some quick wins
 how you can improve your relationship with your email list
 where you may be able to implement email automation to reduce manual tasks
 where in your funnel you can make more offers
 any places in your funnel there may be errors
 how to reduce lost sales
 what your email newsletters look like on various devices and how to make them look good
 how easy (or not!) your sales process is to use

  If you currently have a marketing automation platform we will review your setup to ensure you are getting the most out of it. If you have any questions about how to use the platform we will answer them for you.

If you don’t currently have a marketing automation platform we can give you advice on the best option for your circumstances.

 The Audit Will Give You Actionable
Advice To Improve Your Sales

The No-Fluff KissAutomation Audit is $997
Order today, get your report in 21 business days.


Who this is for:

  • Businesses who have a current email database and send newsletters but know there is more they can be doing
  • Businesses across most industries – we have helped businesses across a wide range of industries from cake decorating to mortgage brokers to carpet cleaners
  • Businesses with a bricks and mortar store
  • Businesses with an e-commerce store
  • Businesses who are just get started with email and want a plan to follow to get the most out of it


Your marketing automation audit begins almost
immediately after you place your order.

1. You will be sent an online questionnaire to complete, which will introduce us to your business, your website and your visitors and clients. Information we need to thoroughly audit your marketing automation are:

  • logins to your email marketing platform (this can be done through LastPass or another system if required)
  • links to pages on your site that are involved with your sales funnel and email marketing
  • coupon codes to complete any transactions needed to evaluate your sales processes

2. We (Casey and yourself) will get on Skype for a pre-audit call. In this call we discuss any specific questions or information you would like included in the report.

3. Starting with a baseline of best practices and proven strategy. We will thoroughly audit your current email marketing setup and make specific, actionable recommendations.

4. Upon completion of your report, once again we (Casey and yourself) will get on Skype and go through your report and answer all your questions.

The No-Fluff KissAutomation Audit is $997
Order today, get your report in 21 business days