Sending The Right Email To The Right Person

Business coach James Schramko of moved to Ontraport so he could have better communication with his customers.

With his previous email service provider, James found things so difficult that he wasn’t even emailing people. With the same people on various lists, he could never quite send the right email to the right people.


For example if you go to and look for a microphone, a couple of days later you will get an email from Amazon asking you if you’re still interested in that item. James wanted to be able to do this on his website. With Ontraport he can.

Big companies do it, and now the technology is available to everyone.

When he moved to Ontraport his list size dropped dramatically as multiple records for the same person become one.

One of the most important benefits for James using Ontraport is that he doesn’t have to use it. You set it up and it works for you.

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