Cleaning Company Cut Attrition Rate by 50%

Laura Smith of All Star Cleaning, CO, USA was finding it difficult to get feedback from her clients.

The number request Laura received from her staff was for feedback on how they performed at their job. As each staff member left the office each day to go out to clean, Laura relied on customer feedback to ensure her staff were doing the best job possible.

The old system involved her staff leaving out a customer comment card at the end of a job.

Around 15-20 customer comment cards were left per day, with on average, only 2 of those being returned to the office.

On a recommendation from another cleaning company, Laura integrated Customer Thermometer into her daily system.

Customer Thermometer is a simple automated customer survey system that allows customers to simply click one button to let you know how you did. Your customers can also leave a comment if they want to.

In the first 2 months of implementing Customer Thermometer, the attrition rate for All Star Cleaning was cut in half.

Each day the team at All Star Cleaning send their customers an email that integrates Customer Thermometer.

The customer then clicks on the button that aligns with how happy they are with the cleaning service

With Customer Thermometer, the feedback rate has been around 50%

As well as a lower attrition rate, Laura says that her staff satisfaction has improved enormously. Her staff love to see how they are doing, at their job, how they are improving. They even compete to see who can get the most gold stars.


It now takes All Star Cleaning only a few minutes to send the new customer satisfaction surveys.

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