Marketing Qualified Leads Increased By 45%



Before moving to Pardot, the third largest supplier of gym equipment to hotels and commercial fitness facilities around the world Precor, had email marketing programs, a strong web presence and lead capture forms. But they were all separate, they were not integrated.

In the first year of integrating Pardot into their business, the Precor marketing qualified leads were increased by 45%.

Pardot gives Precor a really rich stream of data about their customers, which means Precor better understands their customers needs and how they can support them.

The data and reporting from Pardot means that Precor can at a glance understand how many people they have going through a campaign and where exactly they are in the funnel.

For example before a sales call, a sales rep can now go into Salesforce and see all of the prospects web activity. Even to the degree that the rep knows that a prospect has been watching videos about treadmills and can then tailor their sales message to what the prospect is interested in at that point in time.

Precor now understands what is working for then and has the data to back it up.

The data that Pardot provides Precor means that they can have the right conversation with the right customer at the right time.






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